• Security is Our Top Priority

    The internet today is the wild west. We at HostBrew take many safeguards to protect your data and our systems. HostBrew core systems are not accessible from the internet and all systems and network infrastructure is intensively monitored for both reliability and security.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

    What is 99.9% anyway? Only 45 minutes a month. Why any downtime? Our goal is to keep our systems and networks online 100% however in the event we need to make emergency repairs we have the time. Of course, we will always let you know when doing so through email, our support system and social media (facebook, twitter & google+).
  • Positive Customer Experience

    In this business, where thousands of other options are available, our mission is to provide the best customer experience possible. We do not ship our support overseas or close tickets when issues have not been resolved. We are here for you to make a statement online. Let technology work for you, not against you. We will handle anything technical.
  • Solid & Superior Network and Systems

    We work with networks we trust, vendors we can depend on, and fast and state of the art hardware.